Maternity Studio Portraiture

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Investment in Maternity Portraiture The miracle of the expectant mother is one of the most beautiful things in life. Portraits of her during this time can be priceless treasures as they allow the mother to remember the intimate connection she was establishing with her child even before birth. Portraits of all the family members together are a great way to show the love and connection the family has in anticipation of the new arrival. This is a special time for a woman, and I would love to work with you to capture all the love, anticipation, and beauty that you are experiencing during this time in your life.


Maternity Studio Portraiture Package: Php 850

Promo Code: #MaternityRainyDaysSpecial

2 pcs.  8R Portraits

2 pcs. 5R Portraits

6 pcs. 2R Portraits


Maternity Outdoor (on-location shoot) Package: Php 6,500

Promo Code: #MaternityOutdoor

10 pcs. 8X10 Portraits

10 pcs. 5R Portraits

12 pcs. 2R Portraits

Note: Hi- Res Files stored in 16 gb USB Flashdrive

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