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COLOP Printer 60 Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

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Colop Printer 60 Self Inking Rubber Stamp
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At just under 8cm x 4cm, this is a large self inker that is perfect for stamps that have a lot on details
76mm X 37mm
Max. No. Lines: 8 Customized Texts
Max. No. Characters: 35
Shape: Rectangle
The number of lines and characters shown is an estimate only @ 3mm high text. We can increase this by reducing the text size.
Type: Self Inking
Handle Color: Black handle / transparent base

Target Market: Notary Public, Engineers and Architects, Offices, Clinics, Etc.
Type: Self-Inking


If you have an old stamp that has had the old plate image seated on the ink-pad for longer than a few days, YOU WILL NEED A NEW INK PAD. The image of the plate gets embossed in the ink-pad and makes the new one impossible to use with the old pad. Order a replacement Custom plate + Ink-pad.
Plastic self-inking text stamp
Replacement Ink model : E/60 (Separate Order)


You may request for Price Quotation  Message Us . Please send the text and how many lines so we can layout and send it back to you for approval.

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Made in Austria