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COLOP Q30 Printer Self-Inking Rubber Stamp (plate)

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Colop Q 30  Self Inking Rubber Stamp
Colop Printer Q30 Self-Inking Stamp 
30 x 30 mm | 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch
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The Colop Printer Q30 self-inking stamp is recommended for up to seven lines of text and is ideal for monograms, logos, icons inspector stamps. Colop self-inking stamps will last a life time with replaceable text plates and ink pads.

  • monogram stamps
  • logo stamps
  • inspector stamps
  • signature stamps
  • QR code stamps
  • Facebook Like stamps

Similar to the 2000 Plus Printer Q30, Trodat 4923 and the Shiny S-530 Self-Inking Stamps.

If you have an old stamp that has had the old plate image seated on the ink-pad for longer than a few days, YOU WILL NEED A NEW INK PAD. The image of the plate gets embossed in the ink-pad and makes the new one impossible to use with the old pad. Order a replacement Custom plate + Ink-pad.
Plastic self-inking text stamp.


Replacement Ink Cartridge for Colop Printer Q30 (E/Q30)


You may request for Price Quotation. Please send the text and how many lines so we can layout and send it back to you for approval.

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Made in Austria