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Colop R30 Self Inking Rubber Stamp (Round)

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Colop R30 (Round ) Self Inking Rubber Stamp
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Delivery within 3-7 working days
+ Shipping and handling
Ideal for Company Logo
Lines of text :4
Size of imprint colop self ink stamp
max. size : 29 x 29mm
Colours: Black Handle and white Base


    If you have an old stamp that has had the old plate image seated on the ink-pad for longer than a few days, YOU WILL NEED A NEW INK PAD. The image of the plate gets embossed in the ink-pad and makes the new one impossible to use with the old pad. Order a replacement Custom plate + Ink-pad.

    Replacement Ink Cartridge for Colop Printer R30 (E/R30)


    Please send the text and how many lines so we can layout and send it back to you for approval.

    All Rights Reserved

    Made in Austria