Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many hours do you usually set for pictorial before the event proper?

A. We usually arrive at the venue 3 to 4 hours before the event proper/ church ceremony. That is to give time to set up and have the pictorials with the couple and their entourage during the preparation. However, if the event is out of town, we usually leave Legazpi a day before the event proper so we will have ample time to prepare and rest, it is one of the reasons why we usually charge a minimal out-of-town fee.

The client usually provide for accommodation and food for our team of six (6) persons unless it is stipulated otherwise in the contract. We acknowledge and appreciate Client's generosity as always.

Q. How about the permits?

A. With regards to permits, the client is responsible for acquiring all the necessary permits during the photoshoots and events proper. If needed, the client can coordinate with Studiowork Plus to secure the said permits. The permits and the cost of acquiring it will then be charged to the account of the client.


The Printing Process:

We usually ask our clients to choose the pictures they want to be included in their Storybook. The lesser the pictures chosen, the bigger the images in the final Storybook will be. We usually submit the initial layout and allowed at least two (2) revisions for free before we print and bind the album. The client reviews the layout, all the details and confirms their approval for us to proceed with the printing process.


Sample Wedding Vows

Other couples choose a more simple and vintage style for their wedding album. Note: It is always heartwarming to listen to their love story, their wedding promises and most especially how the couples pronounce their personal Wedding Vows. Here is an example that you may adopt and hopefully will guide you in writing your own affection and love:

Wedding Vows:

( bride's name)________ I been looking forward for this day and that moment has come. I'm so happy to start a new life with you, as husband and wife. I am blessed to have a partner, a wife and most importantly a best friend in you. (groom's name)________ , Today we begin our great journey together. I promise you these things... I will laugh with you in times of Joy, and comfort you in time of sorrow. I will remain faithful to you, for better or worse , in sickness and in health. You are my best friend. I will always love , honor and respect you.


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Frequently Answered Question FAQ


Cover Materials

We have something for everyone... Canvass or Acrylic and First Class Leather materials for your album covers are available upon request and billing.