How to Replace your Rubber Stamp (DIY)

Replacing a Rubber Die in your self-inking stamp
It is easy to find your correct rubber die by typing in the “search for products” search field at the very top of the page and type in the model number of the stamp like “Colop 20” then press enter and all the options for that model of stamp will be shown in that search.
In amongst those will be the rubber die only or rubber die and ink pad combo options for this size of stamp. You can then order what you need on your replacement rubber die.
Once you have your new rubber die here’s how to replace it in the stamp.
  1. Hold the stamp in the palm of your hand and slightly press the stamp down to open the ink pad slot and take the ink pad out. Stamp your rubber stamp on paper until the ink hardly shows.
  2. Then press the stamp all the way down like you are stamping with it and lock it in that position. There is, depending on the model, a lock slide button on the back opposite the brand label or little tabs/buttons on the side in a contrasting colour like red push those in and it will hold the stamp in the down position when you release it.
  3. Use a paper towel or something absorbent like that to dab the rubber and remove more ink. You could use that paper towel between you and the rubber to do the next part, or not, it just helps to reduce the ink on your fingers. At one corner gently ease the rubber up off the sticky layer on the text plate of the machine.
  4. Once a corner is lifted you can grasp the rubber and slowly peel it back over on itself and peel away from the stamp being careful not to pull the sticky layer off this will take a firm pull (don’t panic if you do pull it off however you will need to clean it all off then).
  5. If it is an older machine it is better to replace this sticky layer anyway. Then you can turn the stamp body so the brand label is to you. Take the backing of the double sided tape off the new rubber die.
  6. Then line up the die like you would read normally with the top of the rubber away from you and place it on the text plate taking care to line the text parallel along the body.
  7. Press the stamp down on paper slightly on an edge and on some models it will automatically unlock or on others the slide button can be slid back and it will expand quickly back out to normal.
  8. Hold the stamp in the palm of your hand and slightly press the stamp down to open the ink pad slot and slide the pad back in with the ink side down (towards the paper) and click into place and release the stamp again.
  9. Test the stamp on paper and check it is functioning correctly and you have it up the right way.
Don’t worry if it’s not right we do that from time to time too just repeat the process above. Yes you can put new double sided tape on there to do the sticky bit or if it comes off in the future. Sometimes the image made has little gaps in it which can be from the ink pad not connecting with the new die as the last die has pushed a depression in the surface and new one can’t reach the ink on the pad in those depressions.
Just replacing the pad can eliminate that issue. We quite often recommend replacing the pad as well for older stamps. You also then get a fresh pad that will last for ages too. It will be like a new stamp all over again for way less cost than a new one.
We have a pad and rubber die combo with a reduced price for the pair.
Happy stamping.
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