We use Polymer in Processing your Rubber Stamp

Photopolymer VX55
Traditional Photopolymer with a 55° Shore A hardness.

COLOP has refined this traditional product in terms of quality as well as in terms of handling, which becomes obvious already by the new dosage drain, which is used for polymer bottles for the first time in this case.
This dosage drain in the distinctive COLOP red offers the following advantages:

  • Clean handling: dirty dosage drains or polymer which runs down the bottle after pouring it out, which makes the bottle and so your fingers dirty are definitely a matter of the past, because of the integrated rallying point inside the dosage drain. When using COLOP polymer VX55 it is guaranteed that the polymer bottle as well as your hands stay clean!
  • Simple dosage: Because of the new dosage drain the previous difficult dosage of the polymer jet is an easy thing now – even for unskilled users.
  • Material saving: As a result the material loss because of spilled polymer gets less.

The polymer itself had been refined according to the demands of our customers. It is available with a 55 ° Shore A hardness and offers the following advantages:

  • Excellent imaging
  • Constant imprint quality
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Increased die life
  • Highest UV resistance


Polymer VX55 New Formula
Main 180 sec. *
Back 15-20 sec. *
Develop 180 sec. *
Post Exp 400 sec. *
* Values depend on the already performed operating hours of the exposure unit